This is a great technique for horses who suffer with problems of the sinus. The sinuses are connected to the respiratory system and drain into the nasal passages. A horse that suffers from inflammation of the sinuses (sinusitis) caused by a number of diseases, can be left with an accumulation of discharge in the sinuses. This discharge can be assisted to drain by massage to the face.

Ivor is one such horse that I have recently treated,  he has a continuous nasal discharge due to a dental issue. He is not so keen on having his face touched but the treatment I gave him was very welcomed, he gave me lots of tension releases through licking and chewing and allowed me to work on him quite happily.

The images show a particular move of inserting the hands into the mouth and massaging, this looks like he really hates it but if you look at his eye it is soft, I did this 3 times without any resistance from Ivor.

Feed back from his owner  said he was very forward going when she rode him the same day; suggesting this is a result of his treatment.




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